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The lens in the eye can become cloudy and hard, a condition known as a cataract.  Cataracts can develop from normal aging, from an eye injury, or if you have taken medications known as steroids.  Cataracts may cause blurred vision, dulled vision, sensitivity to light and glare, and/or ghost images.  If the cataract changes vision so much that it interferes with your daily life, the cataract may need to be removed.  Surgery is the only way to remove a cataract.  Cataracts become gradually worse over time.  Until the cataract is removed, your vision loss from the cataract will continue to get worse.  Dr. Lee is a highly skilled cataract surgeon, performing the operation under topical anesthesia through two small incisions.  If you think you are suffering from vision loss due to a cataract, please call our office to schedule a consultation.


The goal of cataract surgery is to correct the decreased vision that was caused by the cataract.  During the surgery, the ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) removes the cataract and puts in a new artificial lens called an intraocular lens or IOL.  Cataract surgery will not correct other causes of decreased vision, such as glaucoma, diabetes, or age-related macular degeneration.  Most people may still need to wear glasses or contact lens after cataract surgery for either near and/or distance vision and astigmatism.  


Dr. Lee can treat your Cataracts in Poway, CAThere are a variety of different IOLs available to help correct your vision after cataract surgery. Everyone who has cataract surgery gets an intraocular lens. Otherwise you would have to wear very thick glasses in order to see anything.

Recent changes to Medicare/Insurance regulations now allow cataract patients the option of choosing a new technology IOL than provides a fuller range of vision unlike the older design of single-vision implants called monofocal lenses. With single-vision lens implants, there is a high likelihood that you will need glasses for most activities after your surgery and you will have the additional replacement cost of glasses through the years.

New technology implants, such as the Acrysof ReSTOR implant, are designed to improve your vision to see near, far, and everything in-between. Most patients are able to function without spectacles 80% of the time. The goal of the ReSTOR lens surgery is to allow you to read the newspaper, prescription bottles, mail and to see many other things near and far without glasses.

If you have astigmatism, a condition of your eye which causes blurred vision, we may recommend another advanced lens called the Acrysof Toric implant. This lens can treat preexisting astigmatism at the same time you undergo cataract surgery, so you don’t have two separate procedures. You will Dr. Lee can treat your Cataracts in Poway, CAenjoy improved quality distance vision and less dependence upon eyeglasses or contact lenses.

We can help you decide on the option which would be best for you and your lifestyle. If you are interested in discussing the different IOL options available after cataract surgery, please call our office to schedule a consultation.


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